The Eden Revelation An Evolutionary Novel David Rosenberg Dr. Rhonda Rosenberg “The greatest enterprise of the mind is the attempted linkage of the sciences and humanities.” E.O. Wilson

A character-driven encounter with evolutionary time


It has been a long while since the Garden of Eden was visualized in literature: how it looked and felt, what went on there in terms of the origins of life even before humans arrived.  Such a vision was once supplied by Dante and Milton—and by didactic commentators ever since.  But as Shakespeare might have clarified in The Tempest, the Garden of Eden turns into a desexualized version of Prospero’s fantastical island when made didactic or prescriptive.


No visionary Eden has resurfaced until now.  David Rosenberg’s New York Times bestselling translation, The Book of J (with commentary by Harold Bloom) included his groundbreaking version of Genesis, with the Garden of Eden briefly embedded in it.  Now, in The Eden Revelation, Rosenberg collaborates with Dr. Rhonda Rosenberg to envision Adam, Eve and the complex plant life that sustains them and all the animals—in a character-driven encounter with evolutionary time, set in the early 1990s when optimism about the future briefly reigned.