The Eden Revelation An Evolutionary Novel David Rosenberg Dr. Rhonda Rosenberg “The greatest enterprise of the mind is the attempted linkage of the sciences and humanities.” E.O. Wilson

A typical copying mistake


The ideas in this new-normal novel are wedded to the drama of its characters’ anxious relationships. What are they—and we—going to think, how are we going to love when the world presents us with knowledge of why natural evolution began and why it remains unstoppable.  The evidence comes not by extraterrestrial communication but by actual earthbound discovery.


Still, we are on the way to extinction—like all species and no differently than was the duck-billed platypus—and the anxiety this knowledge raises will change relationships.  In The Eden Revelation we no longer accept the illusion that evolution can be mastered or that it can lead to a better life.  Yet the ultimate revelation in The Eden Revelation is about the poignancy of the characters’ realization that our past was an evolutionary accident, a typical copying mistake, and our future requires expecting a sexual reckoning, just as happened to Adam and Eve.